Womb Healing + The Collective Consciousness

In the Jewish tradition, this past weekend was Yom Kippur, a holiday all about asking for Forgiveness. 

I've been doing Affirmative Prayer on facebook a bunch, + noticing an energy wants to come through around Womb Healing. 

Yes, I'm a Food Artist + Healer, but I also lived with Tantra Practitioners + catered lots of Tantra Workshops, along with taking tons of Breathwork classes in Bali!  All of these modalities can be so beautiful for healing the Womb.

The womb, for those of us who have one, is where we store anger, fear, old hurts + wounds.  It is time for us to clear out this old energy, + also the energy we pick up from the Collective Consciousness, from our Ancestral Lineages, and more. 

If you're looking for a great book on the womb, I have two powerful Priestess friends who are Womb + Sexuality authors! 

One is India Ame'ye, my ATL sister now living in Amsterdam.  She wrote You Look Like Something Blooming, and Yes, when she first called the Raw Restaurant where I was working + shared her name, I thought she said India Arie + almost fainted.  ;) But India Ame'ye is absolute magic in her own right!  I love her!


The second is my dear sister Atourina Charles, who just came out with this gorgeous high-end magazine-esque art book called Womb Alchemy.


I highly recommend you check these two Goddesses out! 

Sending so much LOVE to the planet right now! 

If you want Card Readings or Affirmative Prayer, I have two brand new pages up on my website!

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Now is the Perfect Time, Ladies + Gentlemen!!  (And gender-non-conforming!)




p.s.  I will be on TWO podcasts/ video interviews this week, the first with Healer/ Intuitive/ Business Goddess Karina Ladet from FRANCE (that's right y'all I'm going big! ;)) 


The second with the absolutely beautiful Rebel Reverend Monica Douglas-Clark (from ENGLAND y'all) on her Spiritual Kitchen Podcast!


I've been really feelin' the camera, + I'm excited to give the world (EUROPE??!!! :))) some more DEBRA! 

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Fall is such a great time to cozy up with a pot of wild rice-mushroom soup or kitchari, or some homemade guacamole or perhaps a raw strawberry cake!  Yum yum yum!  Here's what Shiva Rea has to say: 

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- Shiva Rea, ShivaRea.com

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