Retreat Recipes for Yoga Lovers by debra Mazer

Debra’s organic cuisine is an extraordinary experience of nutritional ecstasy, whether for a catered meal or a Hot Love [Chocolate] Truffle - this is passionate, life-giving food!
— Shiva Rea,
I love Debra’s beautiful spirit and her delicious recipes! She’s a kind, compassionate, sparkly, talented soul.
— Kris Carr, NY Times bestselling author, Crazy Sexy Kitchen,
Everything was fantastic.
— Stacy + Seth Yoga,
My heart was sustained by the loving care with which our meals were prepared. My body was supported completely so that I was comfortable in my skin. The amount of love and heart in the food was obvious and sustaining.
— Tracy Elizabeth Shipley
I loved the food + could eat myself skinny!
— Anonymous Yoga Retreat Participant

144-brand-spankin' colorful illustrated pages.

1 year in the making.

100+ recipes.

Vegetarian.  Vegan.  Gluten-Free.  Raw.  Soy-Free.  (Refined) Sugar-Free.  Local.  Seasonal.  Organic.

Change Your Life.  Live Your Dreams.  Transform Your Health.  Spice Up Your Kitchen.  Take the Yoga Retreat Home.  Make Vegan Exciting.  Give Up Boredom.  Embrace Diversity.

Learn How to Cook.  Learn How to Make Yummy Raw Food.  Witness My Journey.  Free Up.  Wow Your Friends.  Be A Part of the Solution.  Feel Better.  Improve Your Health.  Get Inspired. 

Learn 16 Years of All My Favorite Tips + Tricks.  Feel Better In Your Body.  Finally, A Way to Work With Me for only $35!!!


It is infused with SOOO much LOVE + Healing!

The Chapters:

  • But First, Story Time

  • An Updated Prayer

  • Gratitude

  • Tips of the Trade

  • Recipe Symbols

  • Ethiopian Feast

  • Mediterranean Lunch

  • Caribbean Soul

  • Salad Bar Extravaganza

  • Thai Curry Dinner

  • Pizza Day

  • Pad Thai Night

  • Veggie Burger Bar

  • Tamale Night

  • Kitchari Meal

  • Soul Food Night

  • Breakfast Buffet

  • Sushi Lunch

  • Seasonal Delight Lunch

  • Vegan Enchiladas

  • Chickpea Patty Day aka. Winter Goddess

  • Indian Food

  • Persian Feast

  • Quinoa Spanish Rice Add-Ons

  • More Breakfast Delights

  • "Leftover" Dessert Favorites

  • Secret Special Desserts

  • About the Author

The love you gave to the food was tangible to every person who was nourished by it. Thank you!
— Susan Harp
I absolutely love raw foods + have eaten at raw restaurants + had meals from other raw chefs in LA, but Debra is by far + away THE BEST!!!!! It’s amazing! Everything she makes is pure magick + so delicious! And the food is so nurturing so you feel great afterward. Best Raw Chef ever!
— Lauren Auriccio,
Debra + her team were amazing to all of us during retreat week! They are so lovely + sweet. They created beyond wonderful meals + we all felt like royalty. We could surely taste the love! Thank You X a million! I surely hope our paths cross in the future! In Gratitude.
— Natalie Fox
The raw food offerings were a tremendous gift after long days of Prana Vinyasa practice. I experienced nourished body, mind + soul + could feel the love + care intended in the creation of the food. Delightful.
— Amber White,
Thanks for making it easy to continue to nourish our bodies! Great supplement to a yoga retreat!
— Anonymous
Debra + her staff were amazing. It helped set the tone for a balancing + nourishing week.
— Shannon Reeder
— Anonymous
Have never had a more well rounded, diverse + delicious menu of food! Was absolutely perfect for this training – am so grateful to have been able to taste!
— Anonymous
So much Love in the food + in my soul from all of you amazing people – Thank you with all my Heart. Love you all
— Jess Betz
Debra is outstanding! What an amazing food experience. Her smile + pairing food, such a good vibration.
— Haylee,
Debra and her team were so gracious + loving, the food was nourishing, fresh, organic + healthy. It made our retreat experience fabulous!
— Lily Russo,
Debra is an artist + more than that she is a loving, giving artist. She puts love into her work + presents her beautiful creations with love + grace. Thank you!
— Rianne Vestuto
Debra and her amazing team will make your event incredibly special. The food is clearly made with love + is so tasty! I would hire them for any event to delight + nourish!
— Janna Giles,
So much love + nourishment in every meal – Debra is truly a blessing + made this retreat extra special with every loving meal she served!
— Susan Harp,
Thank you so much for the books and for the amazing food experience on the retreat! I left feeling nourished and comfortable in my skin. The heart and soul that you put into your art is so inspiring, and is helping me change my relationship to healthy nourishment. I’ve been struggling with food for a long time. Your soulful spirit that you pour into your work is so inspiring to me and it felt like I was putting LOVE into my body... for the first time in a very long time.

Thank you so much for everything again. I know it took a lot of hard work and I appreciate it more than I can even say.
— Rianne Vestuto
You can honestly taste & feel the Love.
— Texel Feder
Debra Mazer is the most exceptional chef. She is PERFECT for healthy, nourishing, energizing food that will leave you feeling inspired + ready to move!
— Katie Briody
Amazing, Spirited, Delicious!
— Anonymous
Debra’s food is a field day for the mind, body, + soul. It allows the body to be fueled for full days of movement, the mind to be mellowed by the exceptional sensual sensations of flavor. Every food she creates is a new venture into my own wellspring of health + vitality. To eat consciously, to truly become what you consume is the beautiful teaching of Debra’s food.
— Sarena Kabakoff
Debra’s organic + vegan cooking is so high quality, I can tell that it’s absolutely made with love.
— Anonymous
You’re a Goddess nourishing everyone who is lucky enough to eat your food.
— Katie Briody

Retreat Recipes for Yoga Lovers is more than an e-book; it’s a manual for wellness, epic guide to healthy cooking, + detailed recipe collection, drawn from 15+ years of Debra Mazer’s Award-Winning Food Career. 

100+ Gluten-Free Vegetarian, Vegan + Raw Recipes from around the World, including Ethiopian, Thai, Soul Food, Persian, Caribbean, Mexican, Italian + Middle Eastern Cuisines. 

Open your mind + your palette, spice up your life, + feel healthier than ever with Retreat Recipes for Yoga Lovers!  Eat amazing + easy-to-make food, as you honor Body, Mind, + Spirit. 

Debra Mazer is an Award-Winning Chef, Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Author, Intuitive, Practitioner of Affirmative Prayer + Energy Healer.

Featured on Huffington Post,,,, + Winner of the Best of Raw Awards, Debra created Retreat Recipes for Yoga Lovers while catering Yoga Retreats for Shiva Rea in Malibu, CA. 

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