open-Eyed Heart-Wide Haggadah by Debra mazer

in collaboration with cantor shira leba batalion

Personally, I most enjoyed the DIY one — Debra Jill Mazer’s “Open-Eyed Heart-Wide Haggadah” — because it’s the closest to the kind of Judaism I practice: heart-centered, serious about tradition but not defined by it, politically aware, creative, idiosyncratic and post-denominational.
— Jay Michaelson, The Jewish Daily Forward, 2010
Check out Debra Jill Mazer! I want to play with her, she seems awesome! See her blog post here and check out the recipe for raw vegan gefilte “wish” (haven’t tried it, but it’s worth a shot!). Also, read her book Open-Eyed Heart-Wide Haggadah that has a progressive ritual guide for Passover, which includes a recipe for Vegan Matzah Ball Soup!
— Alicia Silverstone, The Kind Life, 2012
We use Debra Mazer’s Open-Eyed Heart-Wide Haggadah — a beautifully illustrated, progressive ritual guide for Passover. Full of meaning, spirituality, and incredible art.
— Lisa Borden, "How to Throw a Sustainable Seder," Huffington Post, 2015
From the raw foods chef Debra Mazer in collaboration with Cantor Shira Batalion is the new for 2010 Open-Eyed Heart-Wide Haggadah. Beautifully illustrated by Margo Akroyd, this Haggadah is a progressive ritual guide for Passover that is spiritually inclusive, multicultural, and inspirational.
— Jennie Rivlin Roberts,, 2010
That is where Debra Jill Mazer’s vegan gefilte “wish” comes into play. It uses nuts, vegetables, and spices that are slowly dehydrated and baked before they are served plain or with the traditional horseradish. Finally, your cool college cousin can join in family traditions without giving up her beliefs. These are so good that even grandma won’t believe that they aren’t really fish.
— Sarah Spigelman, Today Food, 2014