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Hot Love Chocolate Truffles

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Winner of the Best of Raw Awards!!!!
I really can’t do them justice with words. So I’ll just free associate what I think while enjoying the experience:

Love Bomb. Bliss. Scared. Addictive. Guilt-free. Treat. Complex stimulate. Crunchy and smooth. Fun to share with my Lover. Special. Mysterious. Healthy fun. Reward. Joyous. Flirty. Foodie. Gourmet. Gratitude.
— Michelle Hoffee,
Hot Love Chocolate Truffles taste like pure kindness — rolled around in raw cacao.

I’m pretty sure they contain a few drops of liquid magic, too.

I ate one for breakfast, and I wish I had a lifetime supply.
— Alexandra Franzen,
Debra’s organic cuisine is an extraordinary experience of nutritional ecstasy, whether for a catered meal or a Hot Love Truffle - this is passionate, life-giving food!
— Shiva Rea,
Best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth!
— Danielle Morrill,

Destin Gerek + Elie Nakamura describe their LOVE for Hot Love Chocolate Truffles,

OMG the best ever!!
— Betty Ys
Just like Chef Debra the truffles shine! The alchemy and energy put into the truffles takes you to a safe sweet place! My favorite truffles on the planet!!! The combination of the superfoods: sweet and salty is pure brilliance! Oh hey and if you guys didn’t know they are good for you!
— Marisa Fran
Truffles Quantity
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*Hot Love Chocolate Truffles are Shipped Priority Mail.  Prices Above are for Continental U.S. Only.  For International/ Overseas Shipping, Please email:, Thank You!

photo by Sarah Love,

photo by Sarah Love,