boutique Personal organizing/ space clearing

Do you hesitate to invite family, friends, or colleagues over because your home space doesn't exactly reflect Who You Are In The World?

Are kids, partners, and their stuff, Taking Over Your Life?

Is your home a reflection of who you were 10 Years Ago, rather than who you are BECOMING/ or Want to BECOME?

Have you been collecting "Favorites" for years, Without Giving Things Away?

Do you have multiple unfinished projects, that are Overflowing Everywhere?

Is your home space too stressful, or cluttered, to Get Anything Done?

Do you look around, Overwhelmed, not even knowing Where To Begin?

Is Life just Too Busy to take on Organizing Your Space?


>> If you answered YES to any of these questions, chances are you are a candidate for Boutique Personal Organizing/ Space Clearing!

I'm Debra, + I work with Clients here in Los Angeles/ Southern California.  If a Project is Large Enough, let's talk about Me Coming To You!  I often travel to NYC + Atlanta, among other destinations.

Almost ten years ago Debra came to my home and helped me bring order and beauty to my art studio. With her gentle, joyful presence, she helped me easily dissolve shame, break through hidden negative messages about myself and create the art space I dreamed of but found impossible to create on my own. I still get a big smile looking at her quirky, fun handwriting on the labels on my supply drawers. I continue to be inspired after all these years. Debra is a truly gifted and unique person, overflowing with grace and vibrant energy. Her presence inspires healing and growth.
— E.L., Atlanta, GA

I'm a Trained Energy Worker (Certified Reiki Practitioner) + also, a Certified, Intuitive Life + Biz Coach.  7 years ago, after moving back to the Mainland from Hawaii, I got rid of 80% of my Possessions.  Once a month, I clear through my personal belongings + have Clothing Swaps or donate items to Goodwill.

I'm proud to say, as an Airbnb Superhost, my own home is a Zen, Peaceful Space, that allows for Creative Projects, Love + Ideas to Flow.

And I would love to help YOU!

Sometimes in life you meet a person who just by their mere being, ignites feels of inspiration. Debra Mazer is that person. A true spirit woman who sincerely moves graciously in the light.
— Terence E. Jackson, U*Space Gallery, Atlanta, GA

The Investment in Your Success:

1 hour Session $160.

2 hour Session $260.

3 hour Session $380.

Boutique Personal Organizing/ Space Clearing w/ Debra Mazer
Wow. Just after my first coaching session I am feeling uber empowered to FULLY step into the most powerful, awesome & effective version of myself! Debra gracefully held a safe and contained space in which intuition & flow were welcomed and at the same time actionably addressed - tying ALL topics back into a cohesive session! I left with a renewed sense of energy to TAKE ON the exciting challenges in my life that I had beforehand been feeling overwhelmed with. Just having her to hold that space for me, and offer her graceful and well communicated wisdom was more than enough to send me on my way to greater financial success embodiment, renewed energy, healthier and happier relationships, and most importantly; a plan to take immediate action on to ACTIVATE MY LIFE! I know that with continued sessions with her, the doors to my inner bravery box will fly open, empowering me to fully transcend my fears into great sources of power, strength, & wisdom!
— Haley Sharack,
My sessions with [Debra] have dazzled my reality with a whole new glimpse into a magical realm of possibilities refreshing and reaffirming my life’s purpose. All is well in this world when we can focus upon the beauty and move into it from where ever we begin... [Debra] is a facilitator of high excellence for holding space for blossoming, and morphing into the beings we came here to be.
— N.S.F.
Boutique Personal Organizing/ Space Clearing w/ Debra Mazer

You already KNOW that Energy is Everything.  So, time to clear your space for New Opportunities, Energy, + Abundance to Flow Into Your Life!!!

Stop Procrastinating + Book Your Session TODAY! 

You Deserve It!!!  And You Owe It To Yourself AND Your Business!!!

Would you like to connect more around Personal Organizing?  Please feel free to send me a message below!  xo Debra.

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