Do you have a "Mystery Ailment?"

Are you doing "all the right things" for your health, but you can't seem to solve the riddle?

Are you wanting to eat healthier/ be healthier?

Do you feel like you are carrying a weight/ burden ONLY YOU know about?

Do you wonder what you did wrong/ or what you can do right, around your Health?

Do you sense that Stress/ + other Life Decisions have a part to play in your Health, but don't want to admit it?

It is rare in our lives that we actually receive the support we need around our Health.  Doctors are often so busy, that we don't get the time to truly share + be held, as we desire.  We go to Holistic Practitioners too, but rarely do we get to share the Whole Picture with one person.  Rarely do we get to Lay It All On The Line, Drop Our Health Burdens, + just Receive.  Be Heard.  Get the support our Soul + Spirit longs for, around our Health Concerns + Challenges.

This is where I come in...

I'm Debra.  I am a trained + certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. 

I'm also an Award-Winning Published Raw Food Chef (since 2002)!  I was "100% Raw" for a year + a half, + "100% Vegan" for most of a decade. 

But for the past decade, I am not 100% Vegan (though I love to cook that way + am a Vegan Restaurant + Product Fanatic! ;)) nor am I 100% Raw (though I am the master of Raw Desserts!).  I like to call myself a "Debratarian" which means Debra eats what Debra wants (+ eats healthy + what feels good for me).  I have broken out of the "box" + invite you to do the same, whatever that means for you, in Health, or in Life. 

I am also recovered from an Eating Disorder, which began in High School.  From counting calories my Senior Year, to what led to a sort of Spiritual "Bulemia" aka. addiction to Fasting + Cleansing (then Vegan Binging, then Fasting or Juice Cleansing, etc...)

While Fasting + Cleansing can be great for lots of people, doing it for extended periods of time wasn't great for me, because of my Eating Disorder history.  So, I had to learn to find balance.  It's been a long journey, but I can honestly say, I no longer obsess about food, I no longer feel guilty for anything I eat, + I no longer label myself.  And for me (just for me), this is a Big Victory. 

I have my moments of Emotional Eating, but they are minor, + I can usually catch myself through Morning Rituals like Meditation, Affirmative Prayer, + the Morning Pages.

As far as Health Coaching goes, I believe we are all Unique.  We all have a "Secret Key" that is going to unlock the Solution for Each of Us.  There are so many Health Theories, + most of them contradict each other.  ;)  I'm being extreme, but it's true! 

There are different factors, like Body Type, Cultural Heritage, etc., that make Food + Health truly different for everyone. 

It benefits to have a Process + a Guide to discover these Answers.  We have to become our own "Science Experiment," which I like to say.  Of course, certain solutions are Universal:  eat more Local Organic Vegetables + less Frosted Flakes.  ;)  And whatever you do, never go down the "Pancake Syrup" aisle of a mainstream grocery store (my worst nightmare! ;)) 

I also believe Emotions + other aspects of Life (Relationships/ Spirituality/ Career/ Purpose/ Play/ Love/ Stress/ Community) play a role in our Health.

Debra took me on a remarkable journey of transformation. She is very insightful + knew exactly what I need to support me in my goals. Not only did she help me discover new ways of eating, she also helped me discover myself. Thank you Debra for your great gift of transformation!
— F.B.

The Logistics:

For Coaching, we can work over the Phone, Skype, Google Hangout, or In Person.  The phone is truly great, + can save a lot of time with traffic, etc.  I am Intuitive + can read your energy over the phone.  Sometimes, we go even deeper this way.  ;)

We can start out w/ a Single Session (and a lot can happen/ shift/ transform!).

But ideally, I recommend 12 Sessions as a Perfect amount of Time to Truly make a lasting transformation, + not just a "fad diet" or temporary change.  It really does take consistency + repetition to anchor in a New Reality.

Health Coaching is typically every other week, but can be every week, if you prefer.  

6-month Holistic Health Coaching Package (12 Sessions)::  $3600.

After one call with Debra, my months-long, devastating digestive issues went away...completely. I know that sounds crazy, and believe me, it feels crazy. After many months of my body rejecting food (healthy or otherwise), and after visiting a number of naturopaths/acupuncturists/Chinese medicine doctors, I felt like my body was failing me. As someone who has spent her whole life eating a nutrient dense vegan diet, I couldn’t understand why my body was turning on me, and so violently. I’d lost weight, my skin was awful, my ears constantly itching, stomach ALWAYS upset; I didn’t know what to eat anymore.

My health began to decline after a breakup with my former long-term partner. Debra dug in deep and our conversation went beyond my physical health. She pin pointed something so monumental that caused me to completely shift how I related to my situation. I knew stress had something to do with my condition, but I didn’t know how to make it go away (and believe me, I’ve tried therapy, meditation, coloring, and other forms of self-care). Her laser-focused coaching transformed me the moment she said it. I took a deep breath and for the first time in over a year I felt like I could stop frantically doggy paddling my way through life.

That same afternoon, my stomach was miraculously healed. I ate foods I hadn’t eaten in months (and my stomach happily accepted it). I’ve nearly returned to my normal weight since our call. My skin has cleared up and I haven’t had any near breakouts or flareups. I haven’t felt this healthy, or stress-free, in over a year...!

Thank you so so much, Debra, for helping me see what I couldn’t, and helping me heal myself!
— Naseem G.

I would LOVE to support You on Your Journey to Wholeness, Healing + Body/ Food Peace!!!!

Would you like to connect more around Holistic Health Coaching?  Please feel free to send me a message below!  xo Debra.

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